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Limited Edition

3 units

Lined black box (Measuring 50 x 15 x 15 cm approximately) with 7 perfume bottles

_Y7A3433 1.jpg

In the process of creating our perfumes, there are bottle prototypes that
are discarded either because they could not be produced or simply because
there was another bottle that we decided that worked better for the size or
the concept that we had in mind.

All these test bottles are basically the perfumes of Alguien that never
saw the light of day, except two of them that were the chosen ones.
PROTOTYPE is a small edition of 3 units with 7 different perfume bottles
presented in a large box lined with cotton fabric.

Each of the 3 boxes is made to measure for each of the editions, and
contains seven perfume bottles of between 50ml. and 100ml. that did not
become an Alguien flask. In each of the boxes, two bottles contain Alguien
Perfume nº1 and the other five contain Alguien Cologne nº2.

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