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Artist Collaborations

Asier Mendizabal for Alguien

We are very proud to present our collaboration with the artist Asier Mendizabal, whose work we deeply admire and respect.

The results are three slikscreen prints with collage, inspired by the artist´s ongoing interest about the representation of the masses and its importance in the news media, as well as on a social and political level, since the European revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Mendizabal appropriates popular imagery of anonymous people, faceless and without names, binding photography and print media.

Mendizabal zooms into these images and signals one of these unknown individuals by covering them, occulting them and converting the anonymous being into "alguien" (someone in Spanish).

Asier Mendizábal


Born in Ordizia (Spain) in 1973
Lives and works in Bilbao, Spain

Asier Mendizabal’s work pays most attention to the relations between form, discourse and ideology and has been said to be related to the constructivist sculpture with its roots in the abstract utopia of the first decades of the 20th century.

The question of the sign and its materiality and identification as a social and political emblem also has a place among the artist’s interests. Through sculpture, photography, video, textual or graphic works, Mendizabal gives a view on ideology based on the mise en scène of the concepts or structures shaped by it. The works by Mendizabal cannot be interpreted at first sight as they accumulate layers of meaning and sometimes refer to multiple ideas which are not of common knowledge.

Whereas in some works a direct connotation in the recent history and reality of the Basque country can be read, in others he chooses referents which belong to historic or ideological legacies.


Macba Museo de arte contemporaneo de Barcelona (Spain)  2008

Carreras Mugica, Bilbao (Spain) 2008, 2014, 2019
Fundacio Culturgest Lisboa (Portugal) 2010
54th Venice Biennale (Italy) 2011
Museo Nacional de arte Reina Sofia Madrid (Spain) 2011, 2016
Hordaland art center of Bergen (Norway) 2013

ProjecteSD, Barcelona (Spain) 2103, 2017, 2018
Sao Paulo Bienal (Brazil) 2014
Secession Viena (Austria) 2014
EVA Internacional Biennal of contemporary art, Limerick City (Ireland) 2014
Museo casa del Alabado, Quito (Peru) 2016

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain) 2017
Galerie Nordenhake Berlin (Germany) 2018

Galerie Martin Janda, Viena (Austria) 2018


Alguien nº2 Colonia Concentrada 500ml.

Limited Edition of 50 units + complete set of Asier Mendizabal silkscreens


Alguien nº2 Colonia Concentrada 250ml.

Limited Edition of 350 units + one Asier Mendizabal silkscreen

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