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Portrait Collection

Collection nº 4 is inspired by the series PORTRÄIT by the German artist Thomas Ruff.

This seminal series of work started in 1981 and finalized in 2001.

The series consists of photographic portraits of people from the artist’s immediate environment, shot in an austere manner without representing any emotion or personality of this subjects.

Thomas Ruff said ‘I wanted to make a kind of official portrait of my generation. I wanted the photos to look like the passport pictures, but without any other information, such as the subject's address, religion, profession, or prior convictions. I didn't want the police or the bystander to get information about us’.

Taking this series by Ruff as a departure point, we decided to portray people from our immediate environment, many of them are artists or people related to the art world, so we opened the spectrum and dared to invite other people, with the intention of representing an important part of the Barcelona art scene.

We were also attracted by the idea of portraying artists, gallerists and curators and detaching them from any preconceived notions related to their work, exposing them as simple anonymous portraits, like Thomas Ruff did in Porträit. In the process of working directly with them, new ideas and concepts emerged, and in the end with several of the artists the collaboration was like an extension of their work.

It has been an honor for us to be able to gather and work with all these great names.

We made 33 portraits of gallerists, artists and curators, most of these 33 portraits have been printed on cotton poplin and others on paper. With these portraits we have created 30 different shirts; each shirt /portrait consists of an edition of 4 numbered units signed by Alguien.

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