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Marcel Broodthaers Hommage Collection

Marcel Broodthaers (1924-1976), Brussels.

His extraordinary artistic production during the decades of the sixties and seventies of the Twentieth Century, placed him as one of the most important artists on the international scene, exerting from that moment to the present a great influence on many contemporary artists.

After an initial work dedicated to poetry, journalistic criticism and photography, Marcel Broodthaers decided to become a visual artist in 1964. Ever since, a concern to answer the basic questions of the plastic arts is perceived throughout his work, critically questioning the museum, the idea of representation and the artistic production.

Throughout his career, from his early objects made of eggshells or mussels (Mussels, so Belgian, interested him for their poetic potential. The word "moule" translates as mussel, but also as mold) and through a radical take on traditional approaches to poetry, cinema, books or the exhibition itself, the artist found his own way to develop a work that gave a personal point of view in those nascent years of pop art and conceptualism, creating an entire structure focused on institutional and museum criticism.

In this collection we wanted to pay a little tribute to him.


La Moule


Marcel Broodthaers, 1963

Sin título-1.jpg

Cette roublarde a évité le moule de la société.

Elle s'est coulée dans le sien propre.

D'autres, ressemblantes, partagent avec elle l'anti-mer.

Elle est parfaite.

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